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Leonard Cohen - Light As The Breeze

Album: The Future, 1992, Sony

Click on the album cover to listen to an edited version of the song, cut down to 2 m. 50s. from the original 7m. 16. The cutdown version contains the opening and closing sections of the song.

It's an MP3 file, so you need a suitable audio player, and it's a 2Mb download.

An online biography of Leonard Cohen can be found at LEONARDCOHEN.COM

I particularly like Cohen's remarks, quoted at the end of the biography, that ...

"That's what I became. I became a writer and as my friend (Irving) Layton always said, a poet is deeply conflicted and it's in his work that he reconciles those deep conflicts. That place is the harbor. It doesn't set the world in order, you know, it doesn't really change anything. It just is a kind of harbor, it's the place of reconciliation, it's the conssolumentum, the kiss of peace."

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